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Vivo Y21 Price in Pakistan – Latest Updates



Vivo Y21 Price in Pakistan

Vivo, a renowned smartphone brand known for its innovative technology and sleek designs, has gained popularity among smartphone enthusiasts. One of their latest offerings is the Vivo Y21, a feature-packed device that combines functionality with affordability. In this article, we will delve into the critical features of the Vivo Y21 and provide an informative review of its price in Pakistan.

Vivo Y21 Specifications

The Vivo Y21 boasts a stunning display that brings your content to life. With its 6.51-inch IPS LCD panel, you can enjoy vibrant colors and sharp visuals. The device features a sleek and ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable grip and a visually appealing aesthetic.

Performance and Processor

Equipped with a powerful MediaTek Helio A35 chipset, the Vivo Y21 delivers seamless performance and smooth multitasking capabilities. This processor, coupled with the device’s 4GB of RAM, ensures that you can effortlessly navigate through apps and handle resource-intensive tasks without any lag.

Camera Capabilities

Capture life’s precious moments with the Vivo Y21’s impressive camera capabilities. Sporting a dual-camera setup, with a 13-megapixel primary lens and a 2-megapixel depth sensor, this smartphone allows you to take stunning photos with depth and clarity. The device also features an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, perfect for capturing high-quality selfies.

Battery Life and Charging

With its 5000mAh battery, the Vivo Y21 offers impressive battery life that will keep you going throughout the day. Whether browsing, gaming, or watching videos, this device can withstand your demanding usage. Additionally, the phone supports 18W fast charging, ensuring you can quickly recharge your battery and get back to what matters most.


Storage and RAM Options

The Vivo Y21 provides ample storage options to suit your needs. With 64GB of internal storage, expandable up to 512GB via a microSD card, you can store all your important files, photos, and apps without worrying about running out of space. With its 4GB of RAM, you can expect smooth performance and effortless multitasking.

Software and User Experience

Running on Funtouch OS, based on Android, the Vivo Y21 offers a user-friendly interface and a seamless user experience. The device comes packed with useful features and customization options, allowing you to personalize your smartphone according to your preferences.

Vivo Y21 price In Pakistan

Vivo Y21 Price in Pakistan

As of 2023, the Vivo Y21 is available in Pakistan at a competitive price of PKR 53,499. This price point positions the device as an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers looking for great features without breaking the bank.

Comparison with Previous Vivo Models in the Same Price Range

When comparing the Vivo Y21 with previous models in the same price range, it becomes evident that Vivo has continued to enhance its offerings while keeping the price affordable. The Vivo Y21 outshines its predecessors in terms of specifications and features, making it a worthwhile investment.

Analysis of Vivo Y21’s Price in Terms of Features and Specifications

Considering the features and specifications of the Vivo Y21, its price in Pakistan can be deemed reasonable. It offers a plethora of advanced functionalities and a solid performance that matches or surpasses other smartphones in its price category.

Deals and Discounts Available, If Any

Keep an eye out for special deals and discounts on the Vivo Y21, as Vivo often collaborates with retailers and e-commerce platforms to offer attractive promotions. These discounts can allow you to get the device at an even more competitive price.

Factors Affecting the Price

Fluctuating currency exchange rates can significantly impact the pricing of smartphones. As the value of currencies fluctuates, manufacturers and retailers may adjust their prices accordingly to maintain profitability or cater to market demand.


Competitor Pricing and Its Influence on Vivo Y21’s Pricing Strategy

The pricing strategies adopted by Vivo’s competitors play a crucial role in determining the cost of the Vivo Y21. Vivo aims to balance affordability and competitiveness, ensuring that their smartphones provide value for money without compromising quality.

Seasonal Fluctuations in Smartphone Prices

Due to seasonal fluctuations, smartphone prices can vary depending on the time of the year. Retailers often offer special promotions and discounts during festive seasons or sales events, allowing consumers to take advantage of lower prices.

Supply Chain Disruptions and Their Effect on Pricing

Disruptions in the smartphone supply chain, such as component shortages or logistics challenges, can impact pricing. These disruptions may increase manufacturing costs, resulting in a potential price adjustment to accommodate these challenges.

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Value for Money

Considering its price in Pakistan, the Vivo Y21 offers exceptional value for money. Packed with powerful specifications, a stunning design, and a robust camera system, this smartphone provides a premium user experience at an affordable price point.

Comparison with Other Smartphones in the Same Price Bracket

Compared to other smartphones in the same price bracket, the Vivo Y21 stands out as a strong contender. Its impressive performance, camera capabilities, and long-lasting battery life make it a compelling choice for those seeking a budget-friendly device without compromising on features.


User Reviews and Opinions on Whether the Price Aligns with the Phone’s Performance

User reviews and opinions on the Vivo Y21’s price are mainly positive. Many users appreciate the device’s affordability and the features it offers. With its strong performance and attractive price point, the Vivo Y21 has garnered a loyal user base who recognize its value-for-money proposition.

Where to Buy Vivo Y21 in Pakistan

To ensure authenticity and a seamless purchase experience, buying the Vivo Y21 from authorized Vivo retailers and stores is advisable. These establishments can provide expert advice, after-sales support, and warranty coverage for your device.

If convenience is a priority, you can purchase the Vivo Y21 from popular e-commerce platforms. These platforms often offer competitive pricing, fast delivery, and customer reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Price Variations Across Different Sellers

While the market price for the Vivo Y21 remains consistent, it is worth noting that different sellers may have variations in pricing due to their own promotional offers or bundle deals. Comparing prices from various sellers can help you secure the best deal available.

Vivo Y21 Price in Pakistan

Tips for Getting the Best Price

Patience is critical when obtaining the best price for the Vivo Y21. By watching for promotional events, seasonal sales, or special discounts offered by retailers and e-commerce platforms, you can save a significant amount on your purchase.

Trade-in Options and Exchange Deals

Consider exploring trade-in options or exchange deals, which can further reduce the price of the Vivo Y21. Many retailers offer trade-in programs that allow you to exchange your old smartphone for a discount on the new device, providing additional savings.

Bundled Offers with Accessories or Mobile Plans

Retailers often provide bundled offers that include accessories or mobile plans with the purchase of the Vivo Y21. These packages can offer added value and may even result in cost savings compared to purchasing each component separately.



What is the current price of Vivo Y21 in Pakistan?

As prices can vary over time and across different sellers, Currently, The Price of Vivo Y21 In Pakistan is Rs. 53,499

Is Vivo Y21 available in different variants with varying prices?

Vivo Y21 may be available in different storage and RAM configurations, which can influence the price. Make sure to check the specifications and corresponding prices before making a purchase.

Does Vivo Y21 come with any warranty or after-sales support?

Yes, Vivo typically provides a standard manufacturer’s smartphone warranty, including Vivo Y21, which covers manufacturing defects. For detailed warranty information, check with the retailer or Vivo’s official website.

Are there any special deals or discounts available on Vivo Y21?

Vivo Y21 may be available at discounted prices or with accessories or offers during promotional events, festivals, or seasonal sales. Keep an eye out for such deals from authorized sellers and e-commerce platforms.

How does Vivo Y21 compare to other smartphones in its price range?

Vivo Y21’s price and features can be compared with other smartphones available in the same price bracket to determine its value for money. Consider specifications, performance, camera capabilities, and customer reviews for a fair comparison.


In conclusion, the Vivo Y21 presents a compelling proposition for smartphone buyers in Pakistan. With impressive specifications, affordable prices, and positive user reviews, this device offers an excellent balance of performance, features, and value for money. Whether you are a budget-conscious consumer or simply seeking a reliable smartphone, the Vivo Y21 is worth considering. It promises to meet your expectations and deliver an exceptional user experience at an affordable price point. So, make an informed decision based on your budget and requirements, and step into the world of Vivo with the Vivo Y21!


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