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online earning

When it comes to earning money online in Pakistan, there are plenty of avenues and opportunities. It was not long ago when the idea of earning through the internet seemed like a far-fetched dream. 10 years later and thousands of people in Pakistan are making a living online and what’s best is that their offices are their bedrooms. Online money in a developing country like Pakistan is especially appealing, due to the discrepancy in currency value compared to the US. 1 Dollar is equivalent to 100 Pakistani Rupees so when a person in Pakistan earns 1 dollar, it’s not a lot to someone in the states but to that person in Pakistan it’s worth a substantial amount.
There are many reasons why people start looking for work or money online. It may be that due to an illness, they are unable to continue in their specific job or it could be that they simply want to spend more time at home. Other cases include students looking for part-time jobs or people who have just lost their jobs and are unable to find employment elsewhere. Whatever the reason may be, working online is a feasible option but the real point is to know how to go about it. This article will give a comprehensive explanation of the available jobs and detailed instructions on how to make money online in Pakistan.

online earning in pakistan

1. How you will Learn

Students would learn with the help of various learning techniques like video tutorials, daily assignments, and quizzes. Video tutorials will make sure that students can see the teachers while they are explaining, which can give a better result than visualizing it. Visual animation teaching facilities are also provided, which would guide students with the picture of what the teacher is explaining. Step-by-step guide in video tutorials will make sure that students learn every part of it. Daily assignments also ensure that students keep in touch with their studies on a daily basis. Quizzes will improve the learning capability of students. All quizzes will be multiple-choice questions based, having 4-5 options against each question with only one correct answer. Timer-based quizzes will give students pressure for time handling. Each right quiz will give students marks, and at the end of the session, they will get the results.

2. Method 1: Freelancing

The method to earn money online in Pakistan is through freelancing. It is one of the most admired techniques in Pakistan to earn money online. Freelancing provides a great deal of flexibility as well as maximum returns in the shortest possible time. According to a rough estimate, around 150,000 freelancers in various IT fields are working from Pakistan. How does it work? You have to sell your services to the prospective buyers. Most commonly used services are web development, SEO, writing, link building, etc. Now where to sell the services? There are a number of online platforms where you can sell your services. Most famous amongst them are Elance, GetAFreelancer, Odesk, and many others. You have to join them (registration is mostly free but they charge a small percentage on the project money you earn). Then you have to place your bid on the projects relevant to your services. If the buyer likes your bid, then he will assign the project to you. Upon completion of the project, you will be paid the agreed money. Normally these websites act as a third party between you and the buyer. They hold the project money agreed between you and the buyer. In case of any dispute, they will act as a mediator as well as a decision authority. They charge a handsome amount of money as their commission. But it is still beneficial for you, taking into account the number of scams that can happen. The greatest challenge in freelancing is creating a steady stream of income through freelancing and bringing a local exchange rate projects against the one in the international market from the western or European clients. To get international clients, you have to make your portfolio much more professional with a number of high-quality relevant tested skills. This can take from a few months up to years. Recently, Techlogix, a Lahore-based software house, has developed a website called, a local freelancing website compensated in local currency having a similar model like the international freelancing sites. This can be a good opportunity for freelancers in Pakistan to earn money in the international market rate projects available on the international freelancing websites.

3. Method 2: E-commerce

E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways for you to start to generate an income. To begin with, you can make use of some well-known auction sites to resell some old unwanted items or to purchase some items at a low price and then resell them at a higher price for a profit. There are many items that are popular and easy to sell using auction sites, for example, books and a variety of fashion accessories. This method is a good way to familiarize yourself with the use of the internet to make income. However, the quickest way to start making large amounts of money with this is to develop a clear understanding of the system involved and to find out the more efficient methods to source desirable goods at a low price. Alternatively, you might prefer to purchase some items at a low price from local or online stores with the intention of selling them at a higher price using your own website. There are many items that can be bought at a low price and resold at a higher price, and therefore it is often a good idea to trial a few items to gain an understanding of what is easiest to sell. This is probably the most effective way to generate income, as there are no restrictions on the amount of money that you can make, and the time and effort involved is your own to decide. Any money made from selling items online using e-commerce can be greatly maximized with the use of internet marketing techniques.

4. Method 3: Blogging

The all-time famous method for starting to earn online is blogging. You need to have a blog to start earning online. There are plenty of free blogging sites available like,, and you can choose any of them. You can start blogging on the topic which you like and have good knowledge. It is the slowest way to earn money online, but once you start to earn from it, much more money will start to come into your pocket.

Remember, you have to keep patience while you start blogging because it’ll take quite long to get some money in your pocket. You have to just put what the reader demands, you have to write on the subject which can solve the problems of readers and can provide them with their solutions. So you need to have a good search of a hot topic and then you’ll be able to earn good money. Now the question is in your mind that how can I earn money by writing articles? The simple and the most common answer is Google AdSense.

online earning in pakistan

5. Method 4: Online tutoring

Online tutoring job is similar to education, you just don’t have to go to school or tuition, but you have to give your time online. The demand for tutors is at its peak, and the good thing is that not only students from countries like USA and UK are looking for online tutors, but there are students from all around the globe. Mainly second language English speakers are looking for English tutors. If you are good in conversational English, you can be a tutor. Other subjects are Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. If you are good in any of the subjects mentioned, you will have no difficulty getting a tutoring job. But to be an online tutor, you will need to have a good internet connection, a headphone, and a mic.

There are several ways you can get a tutoring job. One of them is through your employer. If you are a teacher at a school or a college, you can ask your students to join you online. Otherwise, you can join a company that hires tutors and helps them find students. WIZIQ is an example of a company that helps tutors find students and pays a good amount of money.

Coming to the money-making part, you can earn from $7 to $25 per hour. This is an estimate from certain companies, which depends on the subject and grade level. You don’t need to work a lot of hours. If you can manage 15 hours a week, you will make a very decent earning. This is a very good method to make money, especially for teachers during their vacations.

6. Conclusion

So, in this article, we have done a very deep diagnosis of each and every aspect of the position of online earning. We had diversely expressed that expediting hours on the internet can lead to vast and various changes in the life of an individual. One just needs to validate and understand the right pathways and methods to speculating the money. This article was mainly put in motion to help out the students and middlemen who are in hunt of jobs and are not able to hunt the right job for them.

This ease from their routine job hunting can really set back a strong impact and can change the lifestyle of a being in a very positive way. From the very start, we were keen to show and educate the newer lots of students and youth of the modern generation that Pakistan, as compared to the past, is not that much behind in the technology and internet aspect. We had shown numerous daily routine examples from various people and families about their financial problems and their workaholic jobs with minimum pays. Under the light of all those examples and proofs, we have urged and tipped them to steer the wheel of their lives to the online earning realm and compare their past lives to the present.

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